Empowerment, Advancement of Young Feminist Movement (EAM)

គម្រោង “ផ្តល់ភាពអង់អាច និងពន្លឿនចលនាស្រ្តីវ័យក្មេង”


  • Increased level of leadership actions and movement building skills of Young Women Activists (YWA) in 3 districts of Kompong Thom Province to actively advocate for women rights with Women Leaders at Sub-National level (WLSN), and Women Political Activist Network (WPAN).
  • Increased participation and cooperation with WLSN and WYA in Cambodia through strengthening their Network in Kompong Thom Province.
  • Strengthened knowledge among the local population in Kompong Thom on the role of women in leadership and governance and gender-rights.

Project Outcomes

  • Young Women Activists are fully participated in public space to discuss on women and children issues.
  • Young Women apprentice leader are recognised and accepted by women leader to work for social affairs
  • At least one form of social media communications are used by young women activists
  • Association of women leader at sub-national level and young women activist is established and accepted by the people at provincial and district level.
  • Young women activist network is established at Kompong Thom Province through advocacy campaign and networking meeting.

Target area

  • Kampong Thom Province
  • Kampong Svay district
  • Stoung district
  • Baray district

Target Group

  • Young Women Activist (YWA)
  • Women Political Activist Network (WPAN)
  • Women leader at Sub-national level (WLSN)

Project Partner

  • Local Authority and Women Affair in district/province.

Project Activities

  • Training to YWA
  • Community Outreach
  • Regular mobilizing meeting /Informal meeting/Café meeting
  • Community Debate
  • Day Forum at province
  • Night forum at district
  • Regional Meeting/provincial/National Meeting
  • Media Campaign

AEM Project Target Areas

AEM Project Target Areas

Source: NCDD Databases in Cambodia Gazetteer http://db.ncdd.gov.kh/gazetteer/view/index.castle


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