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គម្រោង “ពង្រឹងអំណាចស្រ្តីដឹកនាំថ្នាក់ក្រោមជាតិ ក្នុងវិស័យនយោបាយនៅកម្ពុជា”

SILAKA is the leading agency of the capacity development sub-committee of the Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP), working to build the capacity of women leader at the provincial, district and commune level to improve knowledge in the discharge of their mandate and functions and in the sub national line government and to promote awareness on women’s rights and to build their self confidence in order to address community issues and in finding solution. This project will train leadership to Women Leader at Sub National Level (WLSN) and Young Women Activists (YWA) to promote their leadership through enhancing their knowledge on women’s and children’s issues to build in their advocacy agenda for the community development. WLSN project is implemented through ‌partnership with 4 partners which are members of CPWP such as SILAKA, Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC), Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK), and Kampuchea Women’s Welfare Association (KWWA).


Strengthened leadership and decision making skills of Cambodian women leaders at the sub national level (WLSN) and Young Women Activists (YWA) in 8 districts/6 provinces of Cambodia

Project Outcomes

  • Increased level of leadership actions and skills of Cambodian WLSN and YWA in 6 provinces to actively advocate for women’s rights.
  • Increased participation and cooperation of WLSN and YWA in Cambodia through strengthening of the WLSN Network in target areas.
  • Strengthened knowledge of the local population in 6 target areas in Cambodia on the role of women in leadership and governance and gender rights.

In particular WLSN aims to achieve the following results

  • Strengthening and empowering women political leaders and promoting their participation in political and decision-making processes; which directly contributes to the consolidation of political participation, representation and the consolidation of democracy.
  • Increased participation of women leaders in advocacy actions, promoting women’s rights issues, including more open public discussion on such issues, which directly contributes to the promotion of women’s rights at the community level and at the national level by women leaders.
  • Creating and strengthening of networks between women leaders at the sub national level, this directly contributes to knowledge sharing and confidence-building to women leaders.
  • Increased community acceptance and recognition of women in leadership roles, which directly contributes to promoting democratic reform.
  • Inclusion of women’s and children’s issues into policies and laws, improved implementation of these policies and laws, as well as improved resources and budget allocations to achieve these results; which directly contributes to promoting women’s rights at the policy and governance level

Target Area

  • Kandal Province: Kean Svay District
  • Takeo Province: Doun Keo City, Tramkok, and ‌ Samrong District
  • Kompong Chhnang Province: Rolear Bier District
  • Kratie Province: Snoul District
  • Mundulkiri Province: Sen Monorom City
  • Stung Treng Province: Sesan District

Target Groups

  • Women Deputy Governor at Province and District
  • Women Councillor at Province and District
  • Department and Office of Women Affair at Province and District
  • Young Women Activists at Province and District

Project Partners

  • CSOs at the local community
  • Provincial Department of Women Affair
  • District Office of Women Affair

Project Activities

  • Capacity Building of Women Leader at Sub National Level and Young Women Activists
  • WLSN & YWA Networking by Quarterly and Annual Meeting
  • Advocacy through the Public Forum and Media
  • National Public Forum
  • Mass Media Advocac

WLSN-2 Project Target Areas

WLSN-2 Project Target Areas

Source: NCDD Databases in Cambodia Gazetteer http://db.ncdd.gov.kh/gazetteer/view/index.castle

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