Who We Are

In 1993, the Cambodian National Council (CNC) based in the United States implemented a Cambodian-American Volunteer Project in Cambodia. The project was funded by USAID and operated for four years before finally localizing into a local capacity building organization focusing on training and advocacy.

SILAKA was incorporated as a non-political, non-sectarian local Cambodian NGO in January 1997 registered with the Ministry of Interior. SILAKA works to identify and provide quality programs and training opportunities for individuals and organizations. As a leading capacity building organization, SILAKA’s offers unsurpassed service and delivery of high quality training and consultant services.

We can work with you in an improvement process that is collaborative, values based, and focused on achieving success of your organization/institution. We work mainly with non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions to support, develop and implement projects to bring about gender equity, accountability and effective management.

Our Name

The word SILAKA is formed from the word “SILA” meaning moral character, moral principles, and moral conduct, and the word “KARA” meaning an act, function, or work. Our name symbolizes our commitment to the moral objectives. Our training emphasizes not only competency as an important skills, but also the commitment to develop and safeguard honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability. We believe these must form the basis of credibility and excellence in public service.

Our Vision

A prosperous Cambodian society, with sustained development, with women and men actively participate equally for good governance.

Our Mission

SILAKA sets out to establish, build and strengthen the capacity of Cambodians by:

  • Remaining concerned & sensitive to client’s needs while providing the quality relevant training;
  • Promote good governance and gender equality in rebuilding Cambodian society;
  • Nurturing networking and cooperation to engage both demand and supply sides;
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences to help advancement Cambodian’s development, and peace building.

Our Goal

SILAKA has the development goal to promote the implementation of democracy in Cambodian society for sustainable development which includes the economic development, including caring for the environment, and social justice.


  • Human Rights as described by all UN conventions;
  • Equality including gender equality would empower all individuals to take speak for their needs for their own development;
  • Pluralism in society will bring free competition and the creativity for social development and prosperity,
  • Open learning will bring to individuals a lifelong learning as all thing evolved with time and culture, and
  • Self-reliance would give the ownership to individuals, family and society the sense of ownership and self pride that are the foundation for human living with dignity.

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