Forms JPMC in Kandal province

By Borom RY / March 18, 2016

The recruitment committee meeting on recruiting JPMC’s candidates.

Kandal province-18 March 2016, The project of Strengthening Procurement System at the sub-national Level (SPSL) organized a formal meeting among recruitment committee to recruit candidates, in order to form an independent group, Joint Procurement Monitoring Committee (JPMC), which working on monitoring public procurement at sub-national level in two targets, Kean Svay district and Takmao city.

There are 34 candidates from four communes, who applied for members of JPMC. All candidates are from diversity, such as communities, organizations and private sector, which location based in the targets. At least 15 female candidates were applied.

As results who are selected and passed the criterial, in Kean Svay district, there are 5 members, 2 females and 3 men, and in Takmao city, there are 5 members, 2 females and 3 men.

On the 30 March, 2016, the committee will organize a formal meeting to select chief of JPMC by voting.

The SPSL project is currently in the fourth phase, implementing in two provinces, Kompong Thom and Takmao, which funded by CIPE.

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