A documentary “Empowering Young Women in Cambodia”

By Borom RY / March 17, 2016

SILAKA is the local organization in Cambodia, is a sub-committee and the leading agency of the capacity development to promote women in politics at sub-national and national, released a documentary titled “Empowering Young Women in Cambodia”.

This video talks about the objectives, activities and outcomes of a project named “Empowerment, Advancement of Young Feminist Movement”, which called in short “EAM”.

The project EAM funded by Oxfam, started up December 2013 to June 2015, that implemented in three districts of Kompong Thom provinces such as Kompong Svay, Baray and Stung, which targeted on Young Women Activist (YWA), Women Political Activist Network (WPAN) and Women Leader at Sub-National Level (WLSN), at district and provincial level.

The participation of young women in social work and helping women leader in their local, such as community outreaches, regular monthly meetings, informal meetings, women’s dialogues, community dialogues and public forum, are very important and good preparation for next generation as women leader.

If there is no engagement of Young Women, there won’t be up to date and there is no sustainability.

The link between young women with women leader at sub national level by giving young women start their leadership skill at earlier ages, and learning to use new technology in order to work and assist women leader at sub national level, are inputted this project.

Among people under 30 years old of total population whose 70% are youths, and women are 52% of total population in Cambodia. So the investment in Young Women is our future investment, and the investment in women is the investment for social sustainable development.

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