The challenges of Young Women Activist: Video clip

By Borom RY / March 28, 2016

Among people under 30 years old of total population whose 70% are YOUTH. Women are 52% of total population in Cambodia. So the investment in Young Women is our future investment. The investment in Women is the investment for Social Sustainable Development.

A video is produced to publicly raised challenges of young women activist, a network who work on promoting women rights and women empowerment in Cambodia, in order to Cambodian citizens and especially the government officials in sub-national and national recognize the Young Women are the next generation of leaders.

The networking of Young Women Activist plays important roles to assist female commune, district and provincial councilor​ and a chance for young women learn from female councilors, and increase numbers of women leader and also women in politics, in order to be ready​ when time their turn.

Besides, Young Women have commitment to develop their communities by sharing knowledge through topics such as domestic violence, Gender, facilitation skill…etc., to cut down poverty, Gender gaps and to promote women rights and women empowerment.

In this video Ms. Srereyleak MEAS is the one female in Kompong Chnang province among others the Young Women Activist (YWA), shows her commitment to be good women leader in the future.

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When started volunteer work, Young women activist, she had many challenges such as the discrimination, because members are women and young, lack of experiences, so our comments did not acceptable from local officials, and our capacity is limited including report writing skill, facilitation skill and preparing lessons in order to share in communities. However, the officials in her community currently recognize young women’s capacity.

Ms. Sereyleak is currently a contractive staff in Preahsihanouk Reach University in Kompong Chnang province. She graduated two bachelors, General Management and Philosophy.

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