Annual Meeting Project Empowering Women leaders

By Borom RY / February 4, 2016
20160204-wip-annaul meeting

Solidarity Photo in Annual Meeting

At Takeo provincial investment and development hall was conducted annual meeting of project empowering Women Leaders at Sub-National level (WLSN) on 04th Feb, 2016 which implemented by SILAKA, funded by UN Women.

Around 45 people participated in meeting, from the members of Takeo provincial council, Daun Keo City council, Samrong district council, Tramkok district council, young women activists and stakeholders.

The annual meeting aims to show project results for 3 years ago, to plan next activities for finding technical support and budget to continue the activities after project finish and to advocate leaders as men in women’s decision-making.

Takeo province is the one among six targeted provinces in the kingdom of Cambodia, that project is implementing in Daun Keo city, Samrong district and Tramkok district.

This year is final year since 2013 to 2016, as the summary results such as build women leaders capacity to be skillful negotiation, advocacy, campaign and meeting management, and public speaking, provide opportunities to young women build capacity in facilitation skill, build networking, public speaking in order to work most effectively with women leaders at sub-national level.

Women as leaders at local still have challenges to work and develop their local, even though their capacity are improved, men as leaders seem not accepting women capacity.

Late November 2015, Cambodian government puts commitment to invest on gender equality.

SILAKA is the leading agency of the capacity development sub-committee of the Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP).

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