Social Accountability in Water Supply “SAW Project”

គម្រោង គណនេយ្យ​ភាព​សង្គម​ និង​សេវាទឹក​ស្អាត​នៅ​មូល​ដ្ឋាន​ហៅ​កាត់​ថា “គម្រោង​ពណ៌ស”

Overall Outcome

The overall outcome of this assignment is to improve Citizen Engagement and local democratic governance using of Social Accountability concepts and tool in Water Supply in the District of Chhom KiriKampot by Social Accountability (SA) tools and methods to:

  • Increase accountability amongst village, commune, district, and provincial government for Rural Water Supply (RWS) planning, governance, and service provision to communities.
  • Increase the understanding of rural water supply users and operators about their roles and responsibilities for operation and maintenance, and develop their expectations for RWS services provided by local authorities.
  • Initiate the institutionalization of SA tools and processes for rural water supply within relevant government entities.

Project Outcomes

  • Strengthen Capacity to communes counselors and district governors and counselors on Water Supply and Social Accountability;
  • Strengthen Capacity to Grassroots People on Water Supply and Social Accountability;
  • Apply and institutionalize Social Accountability Tool namely Citizen Score Card; and Complaint Handling
  • Engagement and dialogue between the two sides to plan, implement and monitoring the activities to generate clean water in 3 Communes in Chhum Kiri District; Kampot Province and
  • Build in monitoring mechanism with engagement from both the supplied and the demand side to monitor the maintenance of the wells, and ponds produced by the project.

Target area

Chhumkiri District, Kampot Province in three among seven communes below:

  • Chhum Porvonn Commune
  • Sre Knong Commune
  • Snay Anchet Commune.

Target Group

  • Social Accountability Facilitators (SAF): Commune Councilors, Retired school teachers, Monks, priests, Students, women, youth activities, CWCC:
  • Facilitate Citizen Score Cards (CSCs)
  • Conduct outreach meeting with the water users
  • Disseminate information to water users
  • Monitor the activities of water users committees (WSUGs)
  • Facilitate meeting/ training to water users.
  • Monitoring and Scoring Committee (MSC):
  • Set criteria for evaluation and reward to SAF’s WSUG’s and Commune’s effort
  • Monitor activities of SAFs
  • Provide technical support
  • Evaluate the best practice of SAFs and WSUGs.
  • Water (& Sanitation) User Committees (WSUGs):
  • Disseminate information to citizens/ users,
  • Participate in Citizen Score Card completion
  • Maintain and report to Complaints Handling System (CHS).

Project Partner

  • District Councillors and Governors
  • Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD), District Office of Rural Development (DoRD);
  • Management District Advisor (MDA/ NCDD);
  • Commune counsellors.

Project Main Activities

  • Rapid desk/ field assessment
  • Inception report
  • Development of docs and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials
  • Two district forums
  • Two round capacity building to state and non-state actor
  • Practicing Social Accountability (SA) Tools namely Citizen Score Card and Complaint Handling
  • Monitoring Water (& Sanitation User Committees (WSUGs) guidelines.

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