Youth in the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015

By Borom RY / March 29, 2015
Group Photo at CYF

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From left: Mr. Pen Somony, ED of CVS; H.E. Pich Rithy, Director General of international trade of ministry of commerce; Ms. Thida Khus, ED of SILAKA and Chairperson of CPWP; two participants and Mr. Soun Bunsak, Executive Secretary/Chief of Secretariat

In her opening speech at Cambodian Youth Forum under the theme of Cambodia Youth Future in the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 which was held on 29th March 2015 at Tonle Basac Restaurant 2, in Phnom Penh. Ms. Thida Khus, Executive Director of SILAKA and Chairperson of the Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP), she said that, “We have to compile our work together in order to monitor and to follow up the statement we submitted and what was promised by the government.

The Cambodia Youth Forum is organized   for the purposes of Giving space to  Cambodian Youth to discuss on the issues and challenges that relates to  ASEAN Economic 2015; collecting recommendations in order to help advocating all youths at national  and regional level in ASEAN countries ; mobilize youths to form a monitoring group in order to monitor and follow up the statement that we submitted.

Mr. Pen Somony, Executive Director of Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS). He said at the Cambodian Youth Forum that, currently there are about 33 percent of youths in Cambodia which  is equal  5 million youths are not ready for the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015. He continued, that is why we have to organize this forum under the theme of   “Cambodia Youth Future in the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015”.

Thirteen local organizations work related to the establishment of the ASEAN countries have put together to this  Cambodian Youth Forum. They have seen five important issues that have bring into the forum for discussion. Those important issues are; Education, Job and Migration, Land and Natural Resources, Corruption and Youth and Expression.

Notify that the ASEAN People Forum will conduct from 21st to 24th April 2015 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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