Beijing Plateform for Action+20

By Borom RY / February 24, 2015

Ms. Thida Khus gives speech


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Phnom Penh- 24th February 2015 at Himawari Hotel, SILAKA and CPWP in collaboration with NGO CEDAW, Cambodia Women Caucus (CWC), Gender and Development Network (GADNET) and other women networks/NGOs which is supported by UN Women organized the Consultation Workshop “Post-Regional Beijing Platform for Action+20 Review” Moving Toward in purposes are: 1-To brief the NGO’s communities on the outcome and the process of the Beijing+20 in the Asia Pacific and move on to the global meeting in New York in March 2015; 2-To identify the areas of concerns and the gaps that needs to be addressed for the up-coming decade; 3-What are the activities Cambodian NGOs should join and implemented in the CSW 59 in New York; 4-Identify who will be able to go and have the fund secured already.

There were nearly 80 participants from different groups of people and representatives of local organization and international organization.

The Beijing+20 Review is like the history while the United Nation Organization is preparing to end the Millennium Development Goals “MDGs” (2000-2015) and move on to the Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs” (2016-2030).

In her opening speech, Ms. Thida Khus, SILAKA Executive Director and the chair of CPWP said that “Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action made comprehensive commitments under 12 critical areas of concern, 1-Women and the environment 2-Women in power and decision-making 3-The girl child 4-Women and the economy 5-Women and poverty  6-Violence against women 7- Human rights of women 8- Education and training of women 9-Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women 10-Women and health 11-Women and the media 12-Women and armed conflict.

20 years ago, many countries in the four continents have been conducted the consultation workshop to review in all local areas and sectors in all countries in the world. In Cambodia, most of people have not known yet about Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (in 2015, we call “Beijing+20). This is a weakness point for implementing the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in the world that we can say the limitation of level. Therefore, the movement of preparing the Beijing+20 Review needs all sectors and different groups of people and countries, even though we have a short time to do at the present time. Finally, the Women issue is the Human Right issue.

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