Launching Research National Budget Limited for Women

By Borom RY / January 29, 2016
Solidarity photo among women leader at national and sub-national level.

Solidarity photo among women leader at national and sub-national level.

The Committee to Promote Women in Politics which known as “CPWP”, launched its research under the theme of “Challenges of Women Leaders at Sub-National Level in Accessing National Budget for Women and children” on January 29th, 2016 at Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel, Phnom Penh.

Around 94 participants were invited participate in the launching, from the National Assembly of Cambodia, Women leaders at Sub-National level from 25 provinces, Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Planning, International and Local NGOs, and students from universities.

This research study released in three main purposes including to share the results of research to public in order to show needs and real situations in local level, to identify the priority issues of the challenges of women leaders at sub-national level for government and stakeholders to take immediate and long-term actions, to search and work in partnership with stakeholders in order to ensure that the governmental policies and commitments are turning to actual activities along with budgets.

Methodology focused on documents and research studies that related, and conducted interviews among 24 women leader at sub-national and international and local NGOs which working on women rights in 4 provinces including Kompong Thom, Kandal, Rotanakiri, Battambang province.

The research had found out 5 main challenges for women leaders and girls at sub-national level such as: 1- The limitation of women participation in sub-national level; 2-The limitation of supporting from men in district councilors; 3- The limitation of women capacity at sub-national level; 4- lack of access to information; 5- The national budget for women and children at sub-national level is limited.

Almost 10 years the Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP) working on promoting women’s equal participation and representation in public office. CPWP has seven core members including GAD/C, COMFREL, NICFEC, WMC, PADEK, DPA, SILAKA and four associate members like KWWA, Srey Khmer, CAFDOC, AMARA.

Currently, SILAKA is the secretariat of Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP)

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