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Who We Are?

SILAKA was incorporated as a non-political, non-sectarian local Cambodian NGO in January 1997 registered with the Ministry of Interior. SILAKA work hard to identify and provid quality programs and training opportunities for individuals and organizations. As a leading capacity building organization, SILAKA’s offers unsurpassed service and delivery of high quality training and consultant services.


We can work with you in an improvement process that is collaborative, values based, and focused on achieving success of your organization/institution. We work mainly with non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions to support, develop and implement projects to bring about gender equity, accountability and effective management.


The Name

The word SILAKA is formed from the word “SILA” meaning moral character, moral principles, and moral conduct, and the word “KARA” meaning an act, function, or work. Our name symbolizes our commitment to the moral objectives. Our training emphasizes not only competency as an important skills, but also the commitment to develop and safeguard honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability. We believe these must form the basis of credibility and excellence in public service.



Our Activities


Training ATOT

Training BFM

Training Child Fund Basic Proposal Writing at Svey Rieng

Training Communication Skills

Training MAG ToT BtB

Training Miserior

Training Participatory Plan
   Opening Course
Course: A.5 Internal Financial Controlling
will start on: Monday 22nd of December 2014
Course: D.2 Decentralization and Democratic Development; Organizing a Public Forum
will start on: Monday 29th of December 2014
Resource Material
Trainer's Guide Book on Advocacy Skills, by SILAKA
Gender and MDG Cambodia, Published by SILAKA
What's Inside

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