A Guide to Effective Conflict Prevention

The book with illustration gave an understanding of conflict among individuals, groups, and communities, as well as strategies in conflict resolution. Readers will not only get advantages in conflict management but also contribute to build peace…

Publication Date: Dec 1, 2004
Dowload: Khmer
The impact ot trade liberalization on women in the Cambodia garment industry

This researcched paper include three documents: 1. Policy Briefs 2. The Impact of Trade Liberation on Women in the Cambodia Garment industry report and 3. Summary paper presented at …

Publication Date: Oct 4, 2004
Dowload: Khmer |English
Booklet CEDAW
This Supplementary Booklet is developed to provide you with the essential concepts in order to enhance your understanding of the United Nations Conventions on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women…

Publication Date: Jul 1, 2004
Dowload: Khmer
Trainer’s Guide Book on Advocacy Skills

The book covered Communication & Media, Participatory Action Research, and Advocacy strategy skills. The objective of the book is to help community activists and instructors develop and disseminate advocacy skills to people at the grass root level.

Publication Date: Feb 4, 2002
Dowload: Khmer |English
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