National Workshop on Promote the Participation of Women in Politics

By Borom RY / January 20, 2015

Phnom Penh – SILAKA organisation is the leading agency of the capacity development sub-committee of the Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP), will conduct the National Workshop topic on “Promote the Participation of Women in Politics” on 28th January 2015 At Raffles Hotel Le Royal.


  1. To mobilize women and men from different groups and levels to stand under one common goal to promote and increase women participation in politics and public.
  2. To collect voices of women leader at sub-national level, civil society, young women activist and citizens to advocate in increasing women representation in public service and political sector.
  3. To seek endorse on the statement on the recommend of amendment of election law

Download Agenda_KH   |   Download Agenda_EN

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