Consultation Workshop on “Post-Regional Beijing Platform for Action+20 Review” Moving Toward

By Borom RY / February 17, 2015

Phnom Penh-SILAKA in collaboration NGO CEDAW, Cambodia Women Caucus, Gender and Development Network (GADNET) and other women networks/NGOs which is supported by UN Women will conduct the Consultation Workshop “Post-Regional Beijing Platform for Action+20 Review” Moving Toward on 24th February 2015 at Himawari Hotel.


  1. To brief the NGO communities on the outcome and the process of the Beijing +20 in the Asia Pacific and move on to the global meeting in NY in March 2015.
  2. To identify the areas of concerns and the gaps that needs to be address for the decade to come.
  3. What are the activities Cambodian NGOs should join and implemented in the CSW 59 in New York;
  4. Identify who will be able to go and have the fund secured already.


  1. Improved understanding on what is the Beijing+20 and CSW the process;
  2. improved of an understanding of what the areas of importance and change in the Beijing + 20 declaration in Bangkok in November 2014;
  3. A set of prioritized issues for Cambodian Women and agenda for 59th CSW;
  4. A commitment of key stakeholders to participate in the process and advocacy;
  5. Identified of next steps to do and to get the list of participants who will join the 59th CSW in New York.

Download Concept Note and Agenda Khmer | English

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