Ms. Seng Reasey

Ms. Seng Reasey has been working with SILAKA since 2012 in charge of Assistance to Executive Director to assist all tasks that assigned by director especially on ASEAN affairs.

As the beginning, besides the position as assistance to ED She also helped to support one project called Strengthening Cambodia Women Human’s Rights on ASEAN which was funded by UN Women and the project ended in June 2013. She was selected as Organizing Committee of Grounding the Global program of APWLD regional organization. Moreover, she is a facilitator of Cambodian Young Women Activist on ASEAN network (CYWA) and Cambodia Women Caucus network which committed to achieving gender equality and promoting women’s human rights in the ASEAN community for sustainable development.

She got Full Scholarship Award for Bachelor Degree from Panansastra University of Cambodia (PUC) in the major of Business Administrative and Master Degree of Finance.

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