The launch of the ASEAN Leaders Program 2016

By Borom RY / April 19, 2016

We would be delighted, if you joined us at breakfast, to celebrate the launch of the ASEAN Leaders Program 2016 on 04 May 2016, from 9:30am to 11:00am, at SILAKA office, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The ASEAN Leaders Program is an annual leadership development program run by Common Purpose that will bring together senior leaders from ten ASEAN countries – from all sectors and walks of life – onto a common platform where they will work together to address a carefully selected challenges relevant to the region.

The inaugural program will take place in June 2016. It is being supported by GE and will be run in partnership with the ASEAN Foundation.

RSVP: Swati Mathur, Program Director of Common Purpose Asia Pacific.

Tel: +65 8506 1464    Email:

About Common Purpose:

Common Purpose is a leadership development organization that specialize in cross – boundary leadership. A not-for-profit, we run programs in over 70 cities worldwide. Founded in 1989, over 4,000 people become Common Purpose Alumni every year.

We run leadership development programs that inspire and equip people to work across boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems in organizations and in society.

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